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Heal Anxiety with Ease


with Kristé Sprague, Ph.D.

Calendar Current session started Jul 1, 2021

There is a difference between healthy apprehension and debilitating anxiety. Healthful worry helps you solve problems and keeps you safe, and then it eases quickly. Disordered anxiety takes control of your thoughts and impacts all areas of your life. It steals your joy, shrinks your world, causes deep sadness, holds you back, and can even lead to substance use disorder. 

There is hope. You don't have to live this way. Anxiety is one of the most treatable mental health conditions.

This course is the perfect solution for individuals unable to afford or attend counseling or anxiety relief coaching. And, this course is perfect to use alongside therapy.

Literacy Donation

Calendar Current session started Sep 1, 2021

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Gift Certificate

Calendar Current session started Jan 1, 2022

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Breath-Taking at Night


with Carole Freeman

Calendar Current session started Mar 1, 2022

You’d be shocked at how many health disorders are related to, if not caused by, faulty breathing during sleep. While many people feel there’s nothing they can do about snoring or waking frequently at night, they’d be surprised to know there’s more you can do about it than you think.

What I”m asking you to do today, is to at least consider the possibility that a poor nights sleep may be a significant aggravating factor, that could lead to,, significant disruption in one's mental health and certain physical health conditions. You and I know that you can’t possibly have your highest brain power, do your best performance and function at your highest level when you are chronically fatigued and drained from lack of deep restful sleep.


Take the Quiz below to see if you may have a Sleep/Breathing Dysfunction

______Do you have trouble falling asleep, or have trouble getting back to sleep once you wake up in the middle of the night

______Have you been diagnosed with Obstructive Sleep Apnea

______Do you drink alcohol at night before bed

______Do you have to get up multiple times a night to urinate

______Do you have a dry mouth in the morning

______Do you sleep with your mouth open

______Are you fatigued in the morning

______Do you rarely feel truly well rested

______Do you wake up frequently in the middle of the night

______Do you consider yourself a ‘light sleeper’

______Do you snore

______Do you have a stuffy nose

______Do you eat within 2 hours of going to bed

______Do you wake up sweaty or have hot flashes

If you answered YES to any of the above symptoms, you likely have a Breathing Dysfunction at Night

 #breath #breathe

Breath-Taking Basics


with Carole Freeman

Calendar Current session started Mar 1, 2022

The biggest question I’m asked is "Why would I take a breath taking class if I already know how to breath?" And that’s a good question..

Breath-Taking classes aren’t just about breathing, everyone knows how to breathe and we know that if you stop breathing, you die. But, if you never learn how to breathe well, you go on to become sick and tired. Since breathing is something you do every moment you’re alive, learning to breathe well becomes one of the most essential factors in feeling your best and doing your best every day.

The most important thing to know about Breath-Taking Online classes is that they’re not about learning a single special technique. Courses are developed from the entire Medical field of identifying and correcting Breathing Pattern Disorders.

It’s estimated that 85% of us currently have some type of Breathing Dysfunction that’s connected to feeling sick and tired. Or at the very least, more sick and tired than we need to be. 

Are you one of them? To find out, Take the Quiz .

Once you’ve identified a symptom, and understanding why there’s a connection, you can learn how to practice a new breathing pattern to help correct or manage the problem.

You can’t correct what you don’t know about.

 #breath #breathe


Healthcare Workers


with Carole Freeman

Calendar Current session started Mar 1, 2022

Have you ever seen a patient or family member becoming more and more anxious with ever-increasing shortness of breath and wanted to offer more help?

This class teaches you simple ways to help your patients feel calmer and breath more freely.

Healthcare Workers, and caring individuals alike, will be able to participate in the exercises and activities throughout the class to feel for themselves the techniques and benefits of this training.

What you'll learn

- Understand more about Breathing Pattern Disorders

- Recognize potential breathing problems before they get worse

- Learn how to help others calm themselves when in distress

- Teach others how to have more effective breathing

- Show others how to improve their oxygenation deepening their breath

- Learn how to correct hyperventilation

 #breath #breathe

Rebuilding Energy and Endurance at any age


with Carole Freeman

Calendar Current session started Mar 1, 2022

Rebuilding Energy and Endurance at any age

Yes, it’s true, you can, literally, breathe new life into your body

Every cell in your body is dependent on oxygen to create energy. And the amount of oxygen available to every cell in your body and brain is dependent on the breath. To be even more specific, dependent on the quality of your breathing pattern and function. This class will train you, and your entire respiratory system, to be more efficient at delivering blood, oxygen, glucose, and nutrients to all those cells. Whether you’re an athlete or not, the secret to greater strength and endurance starts and ends with the strength of your respiratory system. No matter how long you train, or how hard you work out, when your breathing gives out - your body follows.

The course is presented as if the student will give themselves at least 3-6 weeks to implement the exercises & techniques.

 #breath #breathe

Surviving Stress


with Carole Freeman

Calendar Current session started Mar 1, 2022

It’s estimated that more than 90% of people who suffer with chronic anxiety or stress have breathing pattern disorders. Also know as dysfunctional breathing. The nervous system’s normal response to stress, anxiety, frustration fear, all involve stimulating a particular breathing pattern of shallow, upper airway, open mouth breathing, with tightened abdominals, which are designed to help us run from a burning building or fight off an attacker. If we are under chronic mental, emotional or physical stress, this breathing pattern becomes a habit as our ‘default’ breathing which is not good because it stimulates the brain to perceive more stress and anxiety. At this point, this ‘default’ breathing pattern is working against us and is known as “dysfunctional”. You may never get out of the feelings of general anxiety and stress without revising your breathing. If you are being treated with Talk therapy, meditation, relaxation, movement therapy, etc. your breathing pattern, which is caused by emotional distress, may not be allowing you to get the full benefits these therapies offer.

In this class, you will learn the following:

- How to increase awareness of your “normal” breathing pattern and understand why and how it may have been working against you.

- How to form a new optimal breathing pattern

- How to reduce anxious signalling to your Brain, breaking dysfunctional patterns

- How to manage break-through anxiety or panic attacks

- How to increase oxygen to the brain, creating clearer thinking

- How to strengthen the Rest & Recover portion of the Autonomic Nervous System, increasing feelings of calm and control

- How to take your emotional system from depletion to renewal

 #breath #breathe

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